Diamond Myths & Facts

Diamond Myths & Facts

There is much more to a Diamond than its glitter and multi dimensional design. If it has been termed as a woman’s best friend then you ought to know them inside out. And, if you are a lover of diamond, here are some common myths related to world’s most loved stone. De Beers Forevermark busts some of the most common myths associated with this scintillating gemstone to ensure that you are well informed before your next diamond purchase.

Myth #1 – Diamonds lose their spark

They don’t! How can precious gems that form part of the earth’s crust, having stood the test of time, weathering natural disasters and extreme heat in the earth’s mantle, ever lose their sparkle? On the contrary, diamonds are so resilient, that they only get better with time. All they need is some TLC occasionally. Washing them in a mild liquid detergent or gently wiping them with a soft cloth, will restore their sparkle.

Myth #2 – Diamonds are not a good investment

That’s not true!! What else does one generation of women hand over to the next as their legacy? Diamonds, of course! They are an investment in your future. They hold memories of your achievements and accomplishments, reminding you to continue to aspire, achieve and celebrate each milestone in your life. They pass on stories of romance and commitment to your children and grandchildren and serve as a reminder of your sparkling life.

Myth #3 – The bigger the diamond, the higher the cost

Not always! Sometimes a smaller diamond has a better cut, clarity and colour than a bigger diamond. A diamond has to pass several checks before it is graded under a particular category and its weight is another factor that determines its cost. The heavier the diamond the costlier it is, which does not mean the same thing as the bigger the better!

Myth #4 – All diamonds have the same sparkle

Wrong! Anything that glitters is sure to grab your attention instantly but only real, natural diamonds can hold your attention and captivate you for years and across generations! There is a world of difference between natural diamonds which are formed deep in the earth’s mantle from where they erupt onto the surface by mysterious volcanic explosions over three billion years and artificial diamonds which are man-made.
Know your diamonds before you step into the store to purchase one. Also, do remember to ask for a grading certificate from your jeweller which is like a blueprint of your diamond detailing all the necessary qualities of your diamond.

Myth #5 – Your first diamond has to be expensive

More than anything else, your first diamond should be meaningful. It has to evoke a happy, emotional memory every time you look at it. And no, it does not have to be expensive at all! All it needs to be is beautiful, natural, and responsibly sourced.

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