Soap Nails : The Latest Manicure Trend

Soap Nails : The Latest Manicure Trend

If you’re seeking a fresh start for your manicure, look no further than the trending “soap nails.” While 2024 nail trends often lean towards maximalism with 3D designs and vibrant shades, soap nails offer a subtle and minimalist alternative. This trend is perfect for those who prefer simplicity and elegance.

What Are Soap Nails?

Soap nails mimic the appearance of impeccably clean, freshly washed nails. This look combines the polished feel of a new manicure with a glossy, wet-look finish. The result is nails that appear to have just emerged from a luxurious bubble bath. The trend can be customized with sheer pink tints, milky shades, and subtle nail art in clean hues like white or cream.

How to Achieve the Soap Nails Look

Creating soap nails involves meticulous preparation:

  1. Nail Care: Begin with thorough cleaning, buffing, trimming, and filing to achieve a neat base. Use nail oil regularly to keep nails and cuticles hydrated.
  2. Polishing: Apply a sheer, ultra-glossy top coat. Opt for clear polish or choose one with a slight pink or milky tint.
  3. Hand Care: Exfoliate hands with a sugar scrub and moisturize with a rich hand cream or mask for soft, smooth skin.

Ways to Wear Soap Nails

Simple: Glossy bare nails with immaculate cuticles.

Sheer Pink: OPI’s Nail Envy in Pink to Envy for a clean pink tint.

Milky Pink: Nails Inc’s Glowing Somewhere for a milky pink hue.

Quiet Luxury: Gelcare’s Rose BB Cream for soft-almond nails.

Short Squoval: A sheer pink finish for a neat look.

Glossy Pink: Ultra glossy finish for fresh-looking nails.

Dinky Dot: Add tiny dots or skinny French tips for a twist.

Soap nails are the epitome of understated elegance, offering a pristine and polished look perfect for those who appreciate minimalist beauty.

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