Zenventure- The Travel Trend for the Fitness Enthusiast

Zenventure- The Travel Trend for the Fitness Enthusiast

The Pandemic has taken it’s toll on many. After two long years of stress and anxiety, limited to no travel, people are looking to seek experiences that have a healing effect on their minds and bodies. World Travel & Tourism Council recently predicted that travel will roar back bigger in 2022 than in pre-pandemic years and more and more people will be seen embracing regenerative travel, thus bridging the gap between self-care and exploration. This has given birth to an all-new travel trend, the zenventure.

According to a recent research report conducted by a travel booking website, going on a vacation will become a major form of self-care in 2022. “Travellers are now looking for experiences to improve their holistic wellbeing. People have become more aware of the importance ofself-care. Moreover, those who picked up a healthy lifestyle during the pandemic want to continue their practices by travelling to destinations that nourish their body and soul through mindful activities,” says Charintip Tiyaphorn, owner of a resort in Koh Lanta, Thailand. Think holidays that offer a chance to acquire a new skill, learn a local form ofart or venture off the beaten path with a trail in a gorgeous rainforest.

A French travel and tourism operator recently launched a zenventure-focused property on a private island in Seychelles. “Be it trekking in the mountains or scuba diving to enjoy marine life, travellers are looking forward to reclaiming their zen and creating beautiful memories,” says Ritu Mehrotra, Commercial Director, APAC, China & Oceania at a leading travel portal.

Resorts, Destinations and Adventure Zones

A zenventure could push you to step out of your comfort zone or fight your fears. “A

zenventure is about switching off from the stresses of everyday life and diving into joyous experiences,”says Samarth Kholkar, co-founder ofa company that offers e-bike tours in various cities of India. “Our bike tours in Goa, Puducherry and Ooty are a big hit,” adds Kholkar. Lately, several properties in Thailand have added guided waterfall treks, time-honoured Thai therapies and Muay Thai sessions. “At our Dharamshala property, guests can learn about Tibetan art and painting. We also organise yoga classes and a guided trek to Dhauladhar,” says Rajesh Rajpurohit, general manager of a luxury resort in Dharamshala.

What is Zenventure

Zenventure stands for an optimal balance of adventure and relaxation. The concept is based on the four core aspects:

■ Exploration & adventure

■ Relaxation & mindfulness

■ Design & luxury

■ Culinary & indulgence

Top destinations for Zenventure


> Maldives,Mauritius for all kinds of watersports and beach life

> Botswana,Kenya for wildlife safaris

> Thailand for ziplining,jungle trekking

> Switzerland,Nepal for hiking, trekking

> New Zealand for skydiving, ziplining,canyoning,campervan road trips


Dehradun,Kerala for yoga retreats,massages and various healing therapies Manali,Sikkim and Ladakh for trekking Rishikesh for white water rafting,bungee jumping Mahabalipuram,Kovalam, Goa for surfing Andaman for watersport activities Ranthambore, Kanha,Tadoba Gir for wildlife safaris

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