Is Former First lady Michelle Obama a transgender?

Is Former First lady Michelle Obama a transgender?

Internet is awash with photos of Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama from the early days of their marriage, and many have pointed out the resemblance of Michelle Obama to a man or to a transgender.

Let’s analyze the facts behind the claim. Many in the past have concluded that the Big Mike Obama frequently refers to in his speeches  is his own wife Michelle. If  the evidences are true Barack Obama may have been the first Gay President of the United States and his wife the first transgender First Lady. Let us look at what’s available on the public domain and we leave it our readers to guess the truth.

First, look closely at this photo of Barack Obama with his arm around Big Mike during the Mikhail Gorbachev years (1985-1991).  Obama would be around 24 or 25 years old.

Now take a closer look at Big Mike below posing as Michelle Obama, author of “Becoming” (becoming a woman?!), in 2013.

Now take a real close look at the teeth. Compare the 2 teeth in both photos beginning with the big incisor tooth on the right. See how it slightly overlaps the tooth to the right of it IN BOTH PHOTOGRAPHS.

For those who cannot view clearly those 2 concerned contiguous teeth, please observe the obvious overlap in the following photo. Also, notice that the canine tooth on the right side is significantly pointing inward just as it is in the photograph of Big Mike at the top of this post.

Look it, no First Lady in U.S. history has ever shamelessly showed off their HUGE shoulders like Michelle Obama often did. That was a dead giveaway right there. The photo of Big Mike that follows was a familiar picture — over 8 long years — of First Lady Man displaying her massively built trapezius muscles. Please look at the size of those traps—WOW ! ! !

Really, how does a former attorney and hospital executive (both sedentary white collar jobs) turned First Lady ever develop the sheer size and strength of her traps that’s clearly depicted in the photograph above?!

For those who are unfamiliar with the musculoskeletal system, what follows is a diagram that highlights the exact location of the trapezius muscles that extend from the neck to the shoulders (shown in orange).

Big Mike’s traps are much more developed than the muscular male model above! However, it’s the teeth that present the irrefutable evidence that Michelle Obama is really Big Mike. It’s well known by forensic criminal investigators that the teeth frequently provide the conclusive proof for identifying a murder victim. And so it also is with this decisive dental confirmation of the true identity of Michelle “Michael LaVaughn Robinson” Obama, aka Big Mike.

In this cold case investigation, a body was apparently switched, but with the same body. Now we all know what really happened to Big Mike. As well as what happened to Barack.

Barack Obama is officially pegged at 6′ 1 tall while Michelle measures 5′ 11″. Another look at the preceding photograph reflects this difference in height which offers yet another piece of compelling evidence that Michelle is really Big Mike.

Little did the American people know that the White House occupants during the Obama era were not a heterosexual POTUS and First Lady, but rather a gay POTUS and trans First Lady!

Happy October Surprise ! ! !

Lastly, watch this highly censored YouTube video, now found only on Bitchute, where President Obama Calls Michelle “Michael” During A Major Speech. Does the American body politic need any other evidence that proves it was profoundly deceived by Democrat Party standard bearers Barack Hussein Obama and Michael LaVaughn Robinson?

For the doubters among US, please know that there are several other photos of a young Barack Obama in compromising positions with Michael LaVaughn Robinson, now known as Big Mike. For example, there is this vintage photo:

SOTN POLITICAL COMMENTARY: One of the primary reasons that Barack Hussein Obama was unconstitutionally installed in the White House was to declare DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) unconstitutional.  That single act of Cultural Marxism created the necessary climate for the U.S. Supreme Court to unlawfully legalize gay marriage.  Obama’s masters knew that he would gladly push hard for gay marriage because that would legitimize his own.

It appears that Big Mike really was Barack’s handler in this matter and many others that proved to irreparably tear the fabric of American society.   This is why the defining moment for the Obama presidency was lighting up the White House with the LGBTQ rainbow; it represented a great political success for Obama and personal celebration for Big Mike.

Which is why Manchurian Candidate Barack Obama was shoehorned into the Oval Office by the New World Order globalist cabal—to collapse the United States of America.

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