The Indian Plastic Chutney Recipe

The Indian Plastic Chutney Recipe

So, what is this plastic chutney? No, it’s not real plastic, it’s just a look alike. Made of raw papaya, this chutney is completely BPA and plastic free. The thin slices of raw papaya look exactly like strips of translucent plastic after cooked. A wonder from Indian cuisine.

Recipe of Plastic Chutney (Raw Papaya)

Green Papaya – thinly sliced- 120 gm

Sugar – 80 gm

Lemon juice – 1 table spoon

Salt – as per taste

Water: for cooking papaya & making sugar syrup

Boil water and salt in a pan and put the sliced papaya into them. Boil the mixture till the papaya slices are soft. When they become transparent, they are done – that’s the indication.

In separate pan boil water, add sugar and make a free-flowing sugar syrup. Strain this sugar syrup. Now put the boiled papaya slices into this and cook for 10 mins. Add roasted raisins, dates, cashews, and other dry fruits as you like. End the cooking by adding a spoon of lemon juice. This makes the papaya slices shine like plastic pieces.

India is known for its extraordinary cuisine and dishes like these just prove the same. Travel to India & experience the age old culture.

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