Unlocking Better Sleep: The Scandinavian Sleep Method for Couples

Unlocking Better Sleep: The Scandinavian Sleep Method for Couples

In recent years, an innovative approach to shared sleep known as the Scandinavian Sleep Method has gained popularity among couples with diverse sleep needs. This method, also referred to as the two-duvet system, is becoming a potential solution to prevent what’s commonly known as “sleep divorce.” In this article, we’ll delve into the details of the Scandi Sleep Method, exploring how it works and whether investing in Scandinavian Sleep Method duvets is worth considering.

Understanding the Scandinavian Sleep Method:

The Scandinavian Sleep Method involves couples sharing the same bed but using individual duvets or blankets. These can vary in weight, togs, and even materials, catering to each partner’s unique sleep preferences. Claire Davies, a Certified Sleep Coach and Sleep Editor at Tom’s Guide, notes that this method is particularly beneficial for couples with differing temperature preferences or those who value personal space while still choosing to share a bed. Originating in Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Denmark, the Scandi Sleep Method has gained traction in the US and the UK, spurred on by social media influencers like Swedish content creator Cecili Blomdahl.

Implementing the Scandinavian Sleep Method:

To adopt the Scandinavian Sleep Method, couples replace their shared blanket with two individual duvets, each covering half of the bed. Overlapping in the middle is permissible, and tucking the outside edges into the bed’s end ensures the duvets stay in place.

Pros and Cons of Scandi Sleeping for Couples:


  1. Customized Sleep Preferences: The method allows customization of duvets based on individual sleep styles and preferences.
  2. Cost-Effective: It’s a more economical option than investing in separate beds.
  3. Retains Benefits of Co-Sleeping: Couples can still enjoy the benefits of co-sleeping, including longer REM sleep.
  4. Ideal for Different Sleep Schedules: Particularly useful for couples with varying bedtime routines.


  1. Intimacy Concerns: Some may find it less intimate compared to sharing a single duvet.
  2. Not a Fix for All Issues: Restless sleepers or noise disturbances may not be entirely resolved.

Scandinavian Sleep Method Bedding:

The beauty of the Scandinavian Sleep Method lies in its simplicity, requiring only the replacement of the shared duvet. Couples can retain their existing bed, mattress, topper, mattress protector, and pillows. The only change needed is to opt for two smaller duvets and duvet covers, each covering half of the bed.

Getting Started with the Scandinavian Sleep Method:

The simplicity of this method allows couples to start using it immediately with two twin duvets. For those hesitant to invest initially, trying two separate blankets can serve as a trial. Alternatively, considering comforters with trial periods allows couples to experiment before committing.

Do You Need Separate Beds for the Scandi Sleep Method?

The Scandi Sleep Method emphasizes accessibility, permitting couples to keep their existing bed setup. However, for restless sleepers or those with mattresses lacking motion isolation, a split king bed—an arrangement of two twin XL mattresses forming a king-size bed—may be a suitable alternative.

In conclusion, the Scandinavian Sleep Method offers a practical solution for couples seeking a harmonious sleep environment. As with any sleep strategy, its effectiveness varies from person to person, and couples are encouraged to explore and find what works best for their unique needs.

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