6 Tips to buy the Ideal Summer Perfume

6 Tips to buy the Ideal Summer Perfume

The task of selecting a perfume that best suits you can be a daunting task. Smells are one of the most important senses and create a lasting impression and getting the right perfume that matches your personality and style is as important as finding shoes to accompany your outfit! Walking into a perfume store can be overwhelming, all the intermingling scents wafting around the store scream ‘Try me! Try me!’. Whether you’re a newbie excited to explore the incredible world of fragrances or just searching for a few things to look out for on your next perfume shopping trip, these 6 things to know are here to get you started!

Don’t walk into a perfume store wearing perfume!

You should most definitely avoid wearing a perfume the day you plan to buy a new fragrance for yourself. It is generally a good idea to avoid any scented products like lotions and creams and they may mingle with the perfumes you try on and make it hard to choose accurately.

Find a scent that’s ‘You’!

Finding a signature scent isn’t a new notion, we’ve heard it time and again. However, the most common mistake that people do when searching for a perfume they like is choosing one after smelling it on someone else. While it’s a good thing to understand different scents and notes on various perfumes, choosing one just because you liked how it smelled on someone else is a big NO! Fragrances will smell differently on different people and what may smell good on others may not be as alluring to you.

Take your time!

Rushing while buying a perfume isn’t a great idea, even though that first whiff of the sweetly scented fragrance might have you heading for the billing counter refrain from doing so when you’re splurging. Good perfumes are rarely ever cheap and when you’re spending so much you want to make sure it’s just the thing! Understanding how the fragrance smells after the top notes were away is important, spray some on your wrist and let it linger for 30 minutes and if it still captures your heart then go ahead and buy it! After all the billing counter is right where it was when you first walked in…

Note the notes!

Otherwise known as the impressions of the fragrance, all scents have three notes that are the lingering air left behind by the perfume as it evaporates from your skin. Top notes are the first impressions cast by the fragrance and are supposed to attract people but they quickly dissipate and vanish. Heart notes are often called the body of the perfume and make up its essence, they tell you what the fragrance is supposed to be about. Base notes are those that linger after the top note and the heart note have evaporated and are known as the main message of the perfume. It is equally important to take all three notes into account during your search for a signature scent.

Find a fit for your lifestyle!

Find a fragrance that balances your lifestyle, say a woodsy-infused fragrance to keep you energetic and avoid sweet flowery smells that may make you want to fall prey to a snooze fest!

According to the theme!

Accord or theme is known for creating variation among fragrances depending upon the base with which the perfume is formulated. Citrus is created from fruits that are rich in citric acid, like oranges, bergamots, and lemons, and always smell light and fresh. Earth is attributed to being more mysterious of the four and is formulated from minerals or plants such as cinnamon, vanilla, honey, and sandalwood. Musk is one of the top favorites for men and is considered incredibly alluring. Floral is inherently deemed as feminine though times have changed, it is the most common theme among perfumes and is made from the essence of flowers that are often strong, clinging, and sweet.

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