Cabbage for Weight Loss & Diabetes, Japanese Insights

Cabbage for Weight Loss & Diabetes, Japanese Insights

Numerous medical experts and healthcare institutions in Japan are advocating for the consumption of cabbage as a beneficial dietary choice for individuals with diabetes or obesity. Professor Koichiro Fujita, a prominent immunologist, shares his personal experience of incorporating vinegar-dressed cabbage into his pre-meal routine, resulting in significant improvements in body weight, gout, and severe diabetes.

Dr. Fujita’s journey began when he, despite his expertise in immunology, neglected his health, leading to the development of diabetes, gout, and other health issues. To address these issues, he adopted a cabbage-centric diet, consuming a small serving of cabbage before each meal. Within weeks, he experienced notable improvements, including a drop in blood sugar levels, weight loss, and relief from chronic conditions such as gout and fatty liver.

Dr. Fujita attributes the success of his cabbage-based diet to its impact on gut bacteria. He explains that cabbage, being a cruciferous vegetable rich in dietary fiber, promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Additionally, the acetic acid in vinegar, often used in dressing the cabbage, creates an environment conducive to the growth of these beneficial bacteria. This combination of cabbage and vinegar, low in fat and sugar, is believed to help reduce “fat bacteria” in the gut while increasing “lean bacteria.”

The benefits of a cabbage-centric diet are not limited to Dr. Fujita alone. Other medical experts, such as Dr. Yoshinori Terashi and Dr. Kiyoshi Uchiba, have also reported significant weight loss and improvements in various health metrics by incorporating cabbage into their daily meals. Dr. Terashi emphasizes the simplicity of this approach, recommending the consumption of one-sixth or one-fourth of a cabbage before each meal to promote a sense of fullness and reduce overall food intake.

Moreover, the cabbage weight-loss method is believed to contribute to overall health and beauty. Dr. Nina Ishihara, the vice director of Ishihara Clinic, suggests a vinegar-soaked cabbage recipe that includes 500 grams of cabbage, 500 milliliters of vinegar, and 2 to 3 red chili peppers. This method is not only simple but also aligns with the health benefits associated with cabbage consumption.

However, it’s important to note that while the cabbage weight-loss method may be beneficial for many, it may not be suitable for everyone. Individuals with thyroid disorders, a tendency for bloating, or digestive issues should exercise caution and may need to adjust their cabbage intake accordingly.

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