UK’s Renowned Cardiologist Calls for India’s exit from WHO amid Drug Regulation Concerns

UK’s Renowned Cardiologist Calls for India’s exit from WHO amid Drug Regulation Concerns

In a recent lecture at AIIMS on “The Corporate Capture of Medicine and Public Health,” prominent British-Indian Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra alleges that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has lost its independence. He urges the Indian government to disregard WHO advice due to significant industry funding, claiming 70% comes from commercial entities.

Malhotra criticizes drug regulators, such as the FDA, stating their funding conflicts, with 65% from big pharma. He advocates for the removal of these conflicts to ensure unbiased health policies and decision-making.

The cardiologist insists on independent funding for WHO to restore confidence in its recommendations. Malhotra highlights the commercial control of medical knowledge, asserting that doctors’ decisions are biased by pharmaceutical interests.

He criticizes the exaggeration of drug trial results in prestigious medical journals and calls for ethical, evidence-based clinical trials. Malhotra claims that most new drugs are mere copies of old ones, emphasizing unnecessary expenses in the pharmaceutical industry.

Malhotra raises concerns about the rollout and coercion related to COVID vaccines, suggesting that economic incentives prioritize profits over people’s safety. He calls for clinical trials free from financial ties to manufacturers and a law to prohibit drug regulators from receiving pharma funding.

The cardiologist’s stance underscores the need for reforms in global health institutions and drug regulation to ensure transparency, independence, and ethical medical practices.

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