New York Fashion fan baffled by a pair of Shein jeans

New York Fashion fan baffled by a pair of Shein jeans

Shein is an online market place for cheap clothes, jewellery, accessories and so much more. It seems to be a very popular online shopping destination at the moment. But one woman was left stunned when she ordered a pair of jeans from Shein and found something very strange hiding in one of the pockets. Laura Mahachek took to TikTok to show off her new jeans and the unique item that she found in the pocket that left her utterly baffled.


The fashion fan from New York regularly shares her outfit of the day videos and fashion hauls with her followers. In one of her recent videos, the fashionista modelled her new Shein jeans, as she revealed that she had found a rock in one of the pockets.

She uploaded the video with the caption ‘I cannot make this up’. Laura said: “Ok, you’re really not going to believe this, I just bought these pants from Shein right. “I really like them, they’re specifically what I was looking for. “I’m about to bring these to the tailor, I was going to get them hemmed really quickly and I’m reaching in the pockets trying them on.

Laura shows TikTok users the rock, with shock clearly shown on her face.

She looks absolutely baffled as she inspects the rock, she even smells the rock as she looks around in confusion.

Laura’s video has quickly gone viral and has racked up a whopping 2.4million views.

It has 175.4k likes, 823 comments and 182 shares.

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