Dads are Superheroes- This video just proves it!

Dads are Superheroes- This video just proves it!

Father’s are the superheroes for daughters!

Watch the video posted on Instagram by a woman named Aubree Jones. “When daddy gets home from a week-long work trip,” says a text insert on the video. The video shows four little girls unable to contain their excitement on seeing their father’s car pull in the driveway. This lovable dad’s reaction is equally priceless. He gets off from the car, quickly comes over and hugs them all together. The video was posted on June 13 and it has received more than 49,000 views so far.


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The video received several comments as netizens remembered their own childhood memories.

“Not going to lie. I am 31 years old and I still cry watching these videos because this is all I ever wanted in a dad. So so so sooooo happy your little girls get to experience this bond with their dad. Literally nothing can replace this bond, trust and love,” commented an Instagram user. “Aww I remember doing this every day when my dad came home! I still do!” posted another. “You’re right, I am crying,” wrote a third. “The cutest thing ever! Isn’t it amazing to have a great husband and wonderful kids!!” reads another comment.

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