Uterus shaped ‘Period Crunch’ – The new menstrual-themed breakfast

Uterus shaped ‘Period Crunch’ – The new menstrual-themed breakfast

Period Crunch,  a creation by intimate wellness brand INTIMINA is a menstrual-themed breakfast, featuring womb-shaped cereal, that has been launched in a bid to kickstart conversations about periods in the home. The new product hopes to initiate the lack of period conversations among friends and family

Each and every raspberry-flavoured piece of the cereal is shaped like a uterus and bright red, which dyes the milk a distinctive red.

The box also includes conversation prompts and a diagram of the female reproductive system for people to identify where the uterus is located in the body.

The unusual launch was inspired by a survey of over 2,000 adults, from the brand which showed that almost half (48%) of people are too embarrassed to talk about their period, while more than three quarters (77%) have never mentioned their periods in everyday household social settings, such as around the breakfast table.

In further surprising statistics, it turns out 82% of people are unable to correctly identify where the uterus is.

The uniquely shaped cereal is designed to act as a conversation-starter and aims to help break down the ongoing social barriers around period talk.

Dr Shree Datta, gynaecologist for INTIMINA, says: “I’m delighted that INTIMINA has taken the bull by the horns and developed Period Crunch to help raise awareness of the ongoing social stigma around periods.

“Periods are a natural part of who we are, so it’s deeply concerning to hear that so many people remain uncomfortable discussing them when they are just another part of our health.

“It’s heartbreaking to hear that 25% of people have taught themselves about periods when there is support available. I look forward to Period Crunch kickstarting conversations and breaking down barriers over the breakfast table.”

The brand created the menstrual-themed cereal as part of its ongoing Seen + Heard period positivity campaign, which aims to normalise and increase the visibility of menstrual wellbeing.

“Periods are normal and talking about periods should be normal,” emphasises Danela Zagar, a spokesperson for Intimina.

“But because of the ongoing stigma around menstruation, period conversations remain difficult and embarrassing for people, even with loved ones.

“There’s not a more normal and everyday scene than the whole household sitting down together at the kitchen table and talking over a meal. And if period conversations were truly normalised then they wouldn’t be off this table – or off any table for that matter.

“But as our research shows, conversations about periods at home are few and far between. For the sake of our physical and mental health, we need to talk more about our menstrual health – and that’s what Period Crunch cereal is designed to raise awareness of and make a statement about.”

The cereal is not available to buy in supermarkets but you can register interest in receiving it by emailing periodcrunch@thisiscow.com

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