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Fana Hues

Fana Hues Bio

Fana Hues is a 25-year-old singer songwriter and actress from Pasadena, CA . She recently released her first official project, The collection “Hues,” which dives into relationships, pain, infatuation and the convergence of love and loss that happens all too often. She sees this project as a culmination of her whole life and experiences.

When Fana Hues was a child, illness took away her voice for almost five years. Fana’s period of near voicelessness led her to appreciate the power of healing, and to realize her purpose as a musician

one of nine children, Fana was raised within a large musical family. Her father, a bass, guitar, and piano player, taught her and her sisters how to sing. In school, an English teacher encouraged her poetry and writing skills, and by the time she was a teen, Fana was writing her own songs

Fana Hues Bio
NameFana Hues Bio
Born on1995
Age 25 Years
BirthplacePasadena, California, U.S.
EthinicityBlack / African Descent
Height5'2" / 157cm
Weight110lbs / 50kg
Degree CourseTechnique/ Scene Study
InstructorJanet Alhanti
LocationLos Angeles, CA
Year completed2014
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