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Ingrid Andress

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Ingrid Andress is an American country music singer. There’s a little bit of big-city, pop-inflected sheen in her songs, but Andress also delivers plenty of wilderness and unapologetic emotion. Most importantly, perhaps, the rising country artist has a knack for emotional precision, writing songs that cut neatly to the core of loneliness, femininity, drama, regret and glorious abandon not necessarily in that order.

As an artist, Ingrid Andress has steadily shown growth from her time she scored a publishing deal. And she continues to sharpen her skills and craft versatile music with heart touching and evocative lyrics. Andress is, in many senses, a musical shapeshifter, who inhabits many genres and subscribes fully to none. However, country is an important home for the singer, who prizes authenticity and storytelling in her music.

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