Sencha Green Tea – The Health benefits, usage & recipe for this Japanese Tea

Sencha Green Tea – The Health benefits, usage & recipe for this Japanese Tea

Sencha Green Tea is a type of Japanese green tea that is prepared by infusing tea leaves in hot water. It is different from matcha or powdered green tea of Japan. Sencha is one of the most popular hot beverages of the country. This type of green tea was first used during the 17th century when tea leaves were brought to Japan from China. Earlier than that, the people of Japan used to drink matcha tea only. But after its introduction, Sencha green tea became extremely popular and currently, most of the tea types are sencha that are coming from Japan.

Sencha is a steamed green tea which comes from the camellia Sinensis plant. It has green, refreshing, grassy flavour but that varies from the type of Sencha tea. After picking up the stem, the oxidization process of the leaves is locked to keep it in green colour. Then they are rolled, shaped and dried. Sencha green tea is also produced in China and South Korea but the flavour is nutty and toasted than grassy.

Sencha green tea health benefits

The health benefits of this type of green tea are:

1- Green tea is highly popular for aiding in weight loss. Sencha green tea works the same on shedding fats. This is also highly beneficial for weight loss.

2- Sencha green tea can effectively improve blood flow and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels in our body. And these all directly contribute to the decreased rate of any heart disease. Improved blood flow is also good for regulating blood sugar levels, which is the most important factor for diabetics.

3- As it helps to improve blood flow, regular consumption of sencha green tea is also beneficial for enhanced brain function. It aids in improving memory and reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease by blocking the formation of plaques.

4- Sencha green tea has Vitamin C and antioxidants in it which can effectively improve our immune system. It prevents infections and viruses from attacking the body and creates white blood cells that can shorten a cold or flu.

5- It reduced bad cholesterol of LDL by lowering blood pressure.

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