Simple boiled egg sandwich recipe

Simple boiled egg sandwich recipe

There are days when you are just not in the mood to make anything elaborate for breakfast, but still crave for something yummy and filling. Is today one such day? Worry not, we have you covered with this simple bread-based recipe which doesn’t require much effort. While on such days most of us would be happy with bread and jam, for those craving something more, here is a quick recipe from chef and author Anahita Dhondy.

Called Simple Boiled Egg Sandwich, the fuss-free recipe is one of the most delicious ways to have a tawa toasted sandwich. The best part is that you do not really need to stick to the recipe and can utilize all that you have at hand. Sounds fun, right?


2 – Boiled eggs (boil them for eight minutes. Then peel and keep aside.)
Salt and pepper to taste
You can add chopped: spring onion, celery, bell peppers
Few- Green chillies, chopped
Few – Coriander, chopped
1tsp – Chilli sauce
1tsp – Mustard
2tsp – Mayo/Cheese spread (whatever you have)
4 – Slices of bread
Butter (as much as you like)


*Separate your egg yolks and whites
*Chop egg whites. Keep aside.
*Grate egg yolks. Add all the chopped veggies, salt, pepper, sauces, mayo, and mix until you get a nice consistency.
*Heat your tawa, add a few drops of oil and butter. Keep on a medium to low flame.
*Butter your bread — one side inside and one side outside.
*Add your chopped egg whites into the yolk mixture. Adjust seasoning.
*Spread the mixture on one slice, add a cheese slice and put the other bread slice on top to make a sandwich.
*Toast it on the tawa on both sides, cut into half and serve warm.

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