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Stephanie Gilmore

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Stephanie Louise Gilmore, known as Stephanie Gilmore is an Australian professional surfer and seven-time world champion of the Women’s WSL World Tour. She began her Surfing journey at the age of 10, first on a Bodyboard and later on Coolangatta crowded surf breaks. She also works as an environmental activist and humanitarian work, standing on the advisory board of Sea Shepherd and supports World Vision and Coeur de Forêt.

Stephanie is known for her outstanding paddling strength, elegant surf lines, explosive performances, and excellent wave reading skills. Her’s surfing style is often compared to her fellow Gold Coast surfer, Joel Parkinson. She won the inaugural Swatch Girls Pro France in 2010, and in 2010, she was inducted into the Surfers’ Hall of Fame and won the Laureus World Action Sportsperson of the year award.

Stephanie will be one of the two first female surfers to represent Australia in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Till now, she has won 31 Championship Tour events.

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